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A one off, in depth, Market Analysis Video!

Hello Traders, many apologies for the lack of video blogs lately, it has been really nice to hear that so many of you are missing them :) I have no excuses other than simply lack of time. With the trade alert service now up and running, this has inevitably taken the majority of my time, dedication and concentration. However I do want to ensure that I continue to deliver the periodic free video. 

This weekend I have tried to kill two birds with one stone so to speak by sending you the in depth market analysis video I send to my alert subscribers each week. In the video I go into detail about what moved the markets last week, I then dissect the trades we have taken throughout the week, and then finally I look at the week ahead as to what things could potentially be taken advantage of. This week I have decided to share this video with you as it saves me valuable time but also gives those of you still debating the alert service, a look inside. Obviously I cannot send you this every week as this is part of a paid service and I don’t think my subscribers would be too happy but I hope you find value from this one off video. It’s a bit longer than usual so go grab a coffee, kick back and enjoy! 

In addition to this, I want you to do one more thing for me (as you know I am very action oriented so I like to set tasks!). I want you to go back to the video I produced on the 27th December WATCH HERE NOW and review this video again. Here I talk about the key currency pairs I expected big moves from through 2015. Already we have seen some fantastic moves and every pair bar two has moved in the direction I expected with over 1600 pips net movement from then until now. The question I ask to you all is did you use this video and take advantage? This is the most important thing to me. That the videos give you the motivation to take action and profit. 

There are some tasty things setting up in the markets, so prepare yourself accordingly to take advantage. 

Until we speak next 

Best wishes


  • Mira

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for sharing this video. Great stuff and very insightful!

    • Tom

      Not a problem Mira, glad you found it informative

  • Irwan

    great info,thanks tom.

    • Tom

      Most welcome Irwan :)

  • paul cope

    Thanks Tom, appreciate the insight you share with us. Really helps me as a new trader.

    • Tom

      Every little helps Paul, best wishes for your trader journey

  • Jeetendra

    Thanks Tom,
    For sharing this wonderful information as always.

    • Tom

      You are most welcome Jeetendra :)

  • Gavin Kingcome

    Thanks very much Tom. I got to watch this a little later but nonetheless found the analysis very interesting. As always, very helpful. Many thanks.

    • Tom

      Better late than never :)


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